Food and Drink

The water out of the tap is safe to drink. Therefore if you want to fill a water bottle in your hotel room each day, it will be safe. Our bus will have a cooler in the front and the driver will keep it stocked with bottled water for one dollar. You can buy as many as you like during the day. This is a supplement to the bus driver's income, which we personally support. We like to purchase 3 or 4 each day.

Soft drinks and juices are also readily available.

Edible Israel

We want you to remember that you will be eating a Mediterranean diet. Israel is abundant with fresh vegetables and fruits. It truly has become the "land of milk and honey". That being said they will put their vegetables and meats and yogurts together in recipes that you may not be used to. We highly recommend that you try everything.

Breakfast and dinner will be buffet style and with dozens of choices. For instance, to make your own salad there might be twenty different items to choose from. There will be hot dishes with a variety of meats and bread bars with spreads. Multiple stations with cheese, fruits, desserts and so forth. You will find many dishes to enjoy.

Our lunch stops will have more limited choices. Especially in the Galilee area where restaurants are spread out between scripture sites. We plan to visit cafes that can serve more than a few at once, so they will offer a limited menu, usually buffet style. Falafels, shwarma and schnitzel are most offered. They are common meals, like our hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches.

Visitors have said that the food was one of their favorite parts of the trip. We would agree. We look forward to some of their dishes that are hard to find at home.