The Johnson's

Larry and Jynene first visited Israel in 1984 with 40 gospel teachers in the church education system. It changed their lives and other family members wanted to have the same experience. They have now led 16 tours to the middle east taking hundreds of invited travelers.

Each of their six children has toured with them. One daughter attended the BYU Jerusalem Center semester abroad. Larry and Jynene served as Mission Leaders to the Virginia Roanoke Mission and have had the privilege of including some of their former missionaries on their trips.

Larry is retired from Seminary and Institute after 41 years of teaching youth and young adults. Jynene is devoted to her family with 18 grandchildren and serves in the church and with the community and interfaith organizations.

They love hosting their family and friends in the land of the scriptures. "Each time we visit, our love for the Savior increases."