Personal Study 

Personal study

Though this is a group tour, it is a very personal experience.  You will come away with a new understanding of Him and His life.   We will read, sing, hear testimony and ponder on this trip.  Israel is really not the "holy land" anymore but if you bring Him with you then you will feel like it is a holy land. 

Elder Holland posted this:

Read and study what you can.  Many people think they cannot visit the Holy Land till they have read a certain number of books.  However, after you go everything you read will make more sense. So, don't worry about cramming in too much study now. 

You will probably want to study the four gospels again.  Using the  "Harmony of the Gospels"; in the Bible Dictionary will help you become more familiar with the sites we are visiting.  Look at your Bible maps to get your bearings. 

 If you would like to watch for some of your preparation, consider Messiah: Behold The Lamb of God - BYUTV         I think this series is discontinued but it is worth watching.

The Chosen is a new TV series depicting the life of Jesus.  It is well worth your time to watch it.

There is an unlimited number of books and scholarly documents about the land of the scriptures.  You cannot read too much but don't worry about reading too little.    One of our favorite books is The Eternal City by Galbraith, Ogden, and Skinner.

If you found an article that you would recommend, send it to us at and we can share it.

List of possible videos to watch:

Books to read: