Study Guide

Personal Study Guide

You will be getting a 200+ page participant book, the image below.

It will have relevant scripture passages additional commentary, and background information for most of the sites we visit. It will also include a list of all travelers in our group and music we will sing at appropriate sites.

You will receive this when we meet in Israel or before and it will be used at most sites, so it is an essential travel companion!

You will be able to write notes and record your thoughts and promptings as we go along. You are also welcome to bring your own scriptures (paper or digital) but you will likely want to limit how much you carry at each site.

At each location, we will review the scriptures and try to make them come alive on location. We anticipate most of you will use your phone to access your digital scriptures from the Gospel Library app. There are a lot of advantages to this and we recommend it! Since we will be in the scriptures a lot each day, you will want to put your phone in a mode that conserves more energy.

You might want to bring a portable battery pack or charging stick in case your phone cannot last the whole day.

Check your cell phone provider to make sure you have an international plan if you desire. Internet communications like Skype or FaceTime often work pretty well in hotels.

We usually put our phones in airplane mode till we want to access data or make a call. This conserves power and blocks unwanted roaming. However, if you want your paper scriptures please bring them.