Worship through music

Singing in Israel is one of the memories that will last a lifetime.  The Hymns and songs that bring our minds to the Savior will enrich your spiritual experience.  They will give you another perspective as we contemplate His life and teachings.  The music will bring the spirit to each setting and make it more real in your life. 

We will sing on the bus and at teaching sites.  This is a common occurrence throughout Israel.  Most pilgrimage-type groups will include songs in their worship.  You will hear many groups singing in their faith tradition and in other languages.  Some will dance and sing and entertain us.   We also will invite soloists and small groups to be prepared to sing at appropriate sites for our group.  " the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me,".

Your guidebook will have words to hymns and other songs not found in your Gospel App, for all to sing together.   We hope you will enthusiastically sing with your heart and invite the spirit to be with us.   You will never sing the hymns the same way after this tour. 

Especially for those with musical talent, we invite you to volunteer for the opportunity to sing praises in Israel. 

We know that the hymns, when sung with the proper spirit, bring a peaceful and heavenly influence into our trip, and also aid in the understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.