House of Israel and Historical Timeline

House of Israel & Timeline

Here are a few more tips to consider to prepare for the trip. If you don't get a chance to review this before the trip, we will review some of it together.

  • Sometimes we need a reminder of the "house of Israel". This article from the scripture study guide will be a refresher course. When we are in Israel we will refer to Old Testament history, New Testament, and current political issues. Many topics will be taught so reviewing some basics will help.

  • One way that I like to remember historical facts is to think of a timeline like a clothesline with hooks on it. On my timeline I have some basic facts:

About 3000 BC- the birth of Noah and the city of Enoch was taken up.

About 2000 - Birth of Isaac

About 1000 Jerusalem becomes the capital under King David

About 600 BC Lehi left Jerusalem. etc.

Then when I learn a new fact I hang it on the "hook" in my mental timeline. For instance, the ministry of Isaiah was about 750 BC, so I put it 150 years before Lehi.

  • In the guidebook that we give you there is a timeline that you can fill in more dates as you learn them on the trip.